New & Second hand tyres

Accelera New tyres

Bunbury Auto Wreckers now stock the Accelera brand of tyres, with the 17" and 18" tyres always in stock. We can also quote on all sizes of tyres for your car with orders coming overnight. We love helping you find the right tyre for the right price. Accelera tyres are designed for elegance and safety. The tyres are made from a form of silica compound to achieve excellent grip, especially on wet roads. Give us a call and compare our prices. More info on the Accelara website

Second hand tyres

Huge range

We also stock a huge range of secondhand tyres to suit most passenger vehicles.

Fit & Balance

If required, we can also fit and balance them for you, while you wait.

Burnout cars

We also supply tyres for burnout cars and other motor sports.

Art projects & playgrounds

We also have tyres suitable for art projects and school playgrounds.